Monday, May 27, 2013

Today // Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope that you've enjoyed your long weekend.
I wanted to post today so that I could give thanks to all those who have fought to keep our country safe. I am forever grateful.

Today was such a lovely day with the beautiful weather and no real plans but to relax.
Here's some pictures.

My Breakfast 
(recipe will be up tomorrow)

I enjoyed this beautiful salad outside in the sun!
I mixed balsamic and white wine vinegar with a little olive oil for a light, refreshing dressing.
The salad is romaine lettuce with beets, carrots and some quinoa salad left over from last night.

The flowers looked so great outside in the sunshine...

I heated up some ginger carrot soup from last night and ate it along with these delicious JJ Flats for a light dinner before heading to Barre class. These crackers are tasty and healthy. They totally fill me up.

What were you up to today? Any highlights from your weekend?

Best wishes,

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